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Thirteen episodes. Thirteen tapes. Thirteen reasons. Innumerable issues. It’s been criticized by health professionals because of its depiction of suicide while the series has gained a following among teenagers. On the surface, 13 Reasons Why season 2 online arouses a significant dialog about bullying, sexual assault, suicide and depression. The argument is that 13 Reasons Why season 2 is misguided in the way that it deals with these problems. Hannah Baker is dead as the show begins. There are an outpouring of emotion from her school community and memorials. Worried parents fear that more than just teen angst could be belied by their children’s mood swings. Then, a mysterious pair of 13 tape tapes arrive on the doorstep of Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette). Clay listens with fascination as details people and the events that led to her suicide. Clay desperates to keep the tapes and travels through his unnamed town, seeing the places she mentions, until he finds himself confronting the men and women who wronged.Hannah Baker suffered during the course of her life. She raped, bullied and had been slandered. The series presents an unflinching view of the harm that comes from attack and sexual harassment. As represented by Katherine Langford, we see the bleakness in Hannah’s centers as she’s cat called in the halls, and the paralysis that comes after she’s raped in episode 12. It is heartbreaking, and. Depression isn’t presented as the reason for the suicide of Hannah. As one of Hannah’s friends observed, “All of us killed Hannah Baker.” The omission of any mention of the mental illness of Hannah does the series a disservice. She’s despondent numb and blind yet there’s absolutely not any mention of mental illness as a cause of her death. Her suicide is introduced as the effect of the trauma she endured, which leaves the fact out that teens want to hear.As she had been Broken, there was hope for Hannah. What teens need to hear is the opposite: call a suicide hotline, speak with a therapist or confide in your parents. Help is. Hannah could not find it. This show’s message appears to be that a life can be saved by kindness. If Clay had seen the sadness of Hannah, if more attention had been paid by her parents, if her classmates had not spread rumors she might be alive. To be able to unleash vengeance upon your own 21, the message is much more twisted: die by suicide.

13 reasons why season 2 online

Even more upsetting is the Hannah ‘s’ glorification suicide as an act of revenge — terrifying that is a material for a show that claims to depict suicide. 13 Reasons Why season 2 online presents suicide and retribution as the response to a lot of issues. Crueler develops because he learns of his classmates’ misdeeds and tries to avenge the departure of Hannah when mitigating his guilt. The series culminates in the suicide of the tormentors of Hannah. The show’s creators, including manufacturer Selena Gomez, seem unaware of how 13 Reasons Why season 2 online may affect adolescents that are already at a higher risk for suicide. Hannah’s picture suicide scene was a grave misstep, as such realistic depictions are proven to cause suicidal thoughts in adolescents with mental health difficulties. The National Association of School Psychologists warned of this show’s risks for adolescents with already fragile mental health: “We don’t advocate that vulnerable youth, particularly those who have any level of suicidal ideation, watch this show. Can we ignore the misconceptions among teenagers regarding illness, bullying and rape; the series has brought them. We will need to discuss mental health with frequency and the seriousness with which our college prospects are discussed by us, and we will need to start. The passivity of these around Hannah did not help her, but with dialogue, parents and schools can help those who feel like they are struggling.When we listen to her tapes, Hannah Baker is dead. Her witty voice is heard by us. Suicide robs individuals of their power. We and Hannah are spectators to anything plays out once her tapes are received by Clay.

13 reasons why season 2

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