“The Flea and The Acrobat” in Watch Stranger Things Online

We last left off with Hopper sneaking to the laboratory in stranger things online. Considering all the cameras they’ve set up, you’d think that this wouldn’t have been so straightforward. After knocking out one and stealing a key in the other guard, he’s ready to enter into a forbidden part of this laboratory. Art on the wall reveals the bedroom belonged to ‘Eleven’ before she ran off. Meanwhile, we’re brought back to the gang who are currently discussing Will being alive. This is the first time we’re given a name for the alternate measurement — the ‘Upside Down’.

‘El’ had previously shown that by turning the Dungeons and Dragons board upside down to demonstrate I had been and what was pursuing him. Dustin’s explanation of the Vale of Shadows as a place of decay and death is granted while we observe what Hopper is visiting as he ventures into a forbidden part of the laboratory where the animal has appeared from. Hopper encounters the lab that’s been embraced and taken in by the Upside Down measurement; the light is dark, giving away a greenish tint. He comes across the tree that we have seen in the laboratory in a few episodes of stranger things.

We’re then brought Joyce’s house. He has decided to come in and take charge and begins ordering Jonathan around. He’s quick to dismiss Joyce too mad. But given the state that he finds her in, it is not too tough to dismiss her. He proclaims that everything will be alright now that he is back but, given what we have seen in flashbacks and through dialogue, I do not think that is going to be the case.

The afternoon of Will’s funeral we see everybody getting prepared. Joyce has the most powerful, most obvious reaction, appearing as if she’s in a state of shock. Throughout the funeral, we see her stare off as if she is mentally shut down. As Lonny talks to individuals and receives condolences, she’s left to the side with individuals purposely walking about her as if to prevent her. We’re taken to a memory of her spending time with Will while she is doing the dish. He is drawing a picture of his personality ‘Will the Wise’. This feels too clear to be foreshadowing, but I can not help but not off it.

After checking himself out in the mirror, he begins checking around his home for anything suggesting a government presence in his dwelling. His concerns are justified as it seems that this government center has the entire town bugged. Dr. Brenner makes a brief appearance so as to follow the dialogue Will had with his mother and the one that was overheard by the gang when ‘Eleven’ made the relationship with Will from the ‘Upside Down’. This is the way he finds where ‘Eleven’ is situated. watch stranger things online

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